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First of all, hi welcome to our ecological/organic 100% vegan café and bar. You don’t need to be Vegan to eat vegan food, but it doesn’t hurt. The door is open to every guest who want to try our plantbased offers in Copenhagen. We are happy to say, that we are placed quite at the center in Copenhagen, and is a common stop from the airport to town. We also offer to-go, just let us know.

Oh, and Vegan bar you might say? Sure, we still like White Russians, Bloody Mary and such. So come and drink with us and let’s have a party together – we also offer a non-alcohol drink menu.

The VIDEO VIDEO theme is our own little creation. In videoland you can be anyone and meet everyone. That’s how we like it. So welcome all of you! At the moment we are very much into Knight Rider, Robocop, Bubble Bobble, Ghost,n,Goblins, Ninja/Hero Turtles, He-man and Wrestling figures.

We got a pinball, VHS w. tubeTV, arcade machine and often a retro video game console for your to have fun with. They are great alternative to watercooles, if you want to come to Copenhagen and hang out. You might even make a high score in the process.

We have a lot of quests from outside Denmark, but we would like to see even more of you. So here is a small guide to the area and how easy it is to find us.

How to find VIDEO VIDEO on the map

Dronningensgade 42
1420 Christianshavn
Phone:(0045) 50 56 50 03

Visit us from the airport:

13 minutes travel all-in-all. Only 7 stops with the Metro and you are there!
Choose the Metro towards Vanløse and get off at Christianshavn.
You can use: www.rejseplanen.dk (there is an English version)


Find us from the Metro (Christianshavn Metro)

Once you are at Christianshavn Metro Station: Go up the stairs, keep the Supermarket  “Super Brugsen” on your right, follow the supermarket (still on your right) around the corner. Soon some green lightbulbs will appear that’s us! Video Video (neighbours to Grillen Burgerbar and Christianshavn Beboerhus).
– VIDEO VIDEO, green lightbulb, 70 meters from the Metro station, there you go! Can’t wait to see you.



Christianshavn Beboerhus has a very friendly wibe. They are our neighbours and are hosting events’n’concerts and such. Maybe they are arranging something you like while you are here, they definitely got a friend for you.
Link: http://beboerhus.dk


Christiania is only 500 meters from us. There are often concerts at Loppen and the place has is own and very unique history. It is a place that is very opened minded and believe in a different lifestyle compared to a typical way of living in Denmark. A part of Christiania and its image is that is a place, where it seems half-way legalized to buy and smoke weed and hash. If you into smoking, drinking or simply meet alternative people, then we bet that is a fun spot to check out. That place is filled with creative, interesting and funny people.
Link: http://www.christiania.org


Center of Copenhagen, is called Rådhuspladsen. I think it is pronounced raudhys plaasen. It is quite beautiful those days a year when they are not building something new. However, there are often great parties, events and shows during the lovely Danish Summer.
– It is about 2 km from VIDEO VIDEO. You can walk from us or take bus 2A.


Copenhagen mainstreet is called Strøget. Again, difficult to pronounce, but saying strroejet might get you a long way. Strøget was the largest pedestrian street when it opened in 1962, but hey, this is Denmark, so since it isn’t from the top to the buttom of the country, it sadly isn’t the longest anymore. It is still 1,1 km and a great way to see a commercial side of Denmark.
– It’s about 1.3 km from VIDEO VIDEO. You can walk from us or take the Metro one stop to Kongens Nytorv (that’s the beginning of Strøget).


Nyhavn: You’re in Denmark, and in Copenhagen. Danes and tourists like to drink cold beer and being in a city that translates into something like “Marked/Buy Harbor”, well, there is a great place to buy expensive beer and get some of that exclusive Danish sun, at the dock! Nyhavn is the place where people drink outside and watch the boats and water.
– Nyhavn is 1,3 Km from VIDEO VIDEO. You can walk or take the Metro one stop to Kongens


Web: www.videobar.dk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/videovideobar

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